Haroon Rashid
Affiliation: UKM
Expertise: MEMS, Device Fabrication and Process Simulation, Photonics Materials Optoelectronic Materials, Semiconductor Materials, Nano Materials Solar Energy Technology

Vice Chair

Hoe Min
Affiliation: Wawasan Open University and Hisco (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Expertise: Instrumentation, systems, software and related services and consulting for education, technical training, test, measurement and analysis in scientific, geoscience, engineering, automotive and Industry 4.0  disciplines.


Mohammed Hussein Saleh
Affiliation: MMU
Expertise: Solar Energy Technology, Power Installation and Utilization, Second Life Battery.


Chris Chew
Affiliation: Alpha Coach Academy PLT
Expertise:  Financial Planning, Financial Coaching, Business Administration, ICT Adoption, Project Management

Past Chair

Borhanuddin bin Mohd Ali
Affiliation: Universiti Putra Malaysia
Portfolio: Industrial Relation
Expertise: WSN, IoT, 5G and Green Comms

Executive Committee

Sugumaran RS Ramachandran
Affiliation: International Institute of Executive Careers
Expertise: Project Management, Cloud Based Maintenance Management Software, Certified TTT, Development of Educational Systems, Implementation of IoT/IoE, Authour, Manufacturing Plant Consultancy.

Mohd Naim
Affiliation: Ministry of Home Affairs
Portfolio: Communication & Networks
Expertise: System Design, System Implementation, System Optimization, Database Migration

Ihsan Ali
Affiliation: University of Malaya
Expertise: Wireless Sensor Networks, Sensor Cloud and IoT

Hisham Neyaz
Affiliation: MMU
Expertise: Media and Graphics Design