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Technology Management and Adoption


Technology Management and Adoption consultancy services sub-group is formed with the capacity of experts in the fields related to technology management, project management, strategic planning for technology adoption, and strategic information systems management. Our team has experience conducting training and consultancy for these fields, both for academics and industry. We have experience in conducting interviews and observations on companies, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), focusing on facilitating them in planning a direction towards leveraging technologies to support their business processes. Our activities range from training needs analysis and requirements analysis to conducting workshops, trainings, and seminars/webinars for the target audience, as well as recruiting new IEEE members to participate and support our group.


Our main objective is to connect experts and industry players on one platform, in which knowledge and experience are shared across domains. This can be achieved by:

 Exploring the need for knowledge and experience sharing in the form of training among industry players;

  • Identifying experts who have the capacity and passion to share knowledge and experience across industries;
  • Preparing a platform to facilitate the network to discuss, and share knowledge and experience, as well as participate in seminars and webinars conducted under CNAG; and
  • Exploring the opportunities for consultancy services by the experts registered under CNAG, which covers the Technology Management and Adoption domains.
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