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Workshop 2023


The “Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development of Education Model (REs 1.0)” is an inspiring project as an early exposure to the basic knowledge,  limitations or gaps,  future implications,  and career opportunities associated with the subjects. REs 1.0 focuses on boosting students’ creativity in aspects of adventurousness, curiosity, imagination, and challenge. The three dimensions of creativity used are resolution, elaboration, and creativity. REs 1.0 creates a step-by-step process combining renewable energy modeling with IoT to complete the task.


a) to creatively educate students about renewable energy’s role in powering the nation through  REs  1.0  workshops and activities,  employing an interactive educational model.

b) to perform experimental procedures using renewable energy sources to power up REs 1.0, thereby preparing them for potential careers and future contributions to the renewable energy sector.

c) to utilize the expertise and resources of Polytechnic volunteers to actively contribute to sustainable Development  Goals  (SDGs)  by advancing renewable energy education and awareness among students aged 14-20 in secondary schools and higher institutions.

d) to  synergize  the  collective  expertise  and  resources  of  collaboration partners to actively contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In conclusion, the REs 1.0 project successfully achieved its objectives by creatively educating students about the crucial role of renewable energy in powering our nation. Through engaging workshops and interactive activities, we inspired and equipped them with practical knowledge. By conducting experiments with renewable energy sources, we not only prepared them for potential careers but also fostered their contribution to the renewable energy sector. Furthermore, the active involvement of Polytechnic volunteers and collaboration partners allowed us to make a meaningful impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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