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IEEE no longer restricts members only from the fields of electrical and electronics, today IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity… Anyone can join IEEE from students to professionals.


CNAG Malaysia was established in 2016.  Its mission is to gather expertise of IEEE members in Malaysia, so as to provide services to the community in a consolidated manner. The prime mover was Christopher Chew, the IEEE Treasurer who has been doing humanitarian projects in Sabah. The pro-tem meeting was held in UPM in 2016, and the following persons have been elected to the executive committee: Borhanuddin Mohd Ali – Chair; Hafizal Mohamad – Vice Chair; Dianne Chong – Secretary; Christopher Chew – Treasurer; Lee Chien Sing, Hoe Min – Committee Members. The early focus was on the membership drive because, at that point in time, not many members were aware of the existence of this AG, and its purpose.  As of 2019, there were only 54 members. Subsequently, online forms have been set up to ease the membership process.

The other early activities were delivering lectures on various topics of current interests, such as STEM education, Thesis Management, 4IR,  Blockchain and Fintech, Personal Finance Management, Pitching Techniques, etc.  Some of these talks were held in collaboration with other organizations, such as UniKL, UPM, the Petronas Science Centre, and other start-ups owned by excoms.  These activities aligned with the IEEE Section function to provide Professional Services to members and the community.

Among the challenges faced by CNAG was, as with many others, the MCO.  The planned CNAG activities that involved physical attendance such as industrial visits, have been shelved due to the MCO. The other challenge is that CNAG is seen as a loose sub-organization where there are no direct memberships, unlike the other AGs, so interest was lacking.  After a lot of publicity drives, this AG slowly became on-stream and many more committed members later joined, strengthening the AG. Additionally, members and the excoms have to volunteer their time to the group, and this poses certain constraints for some of the members when they are in conflict with their mainstream jobs.  Fortunately, new members – a mix of old and fresh faces, have come forward to commit their time and energy to move the group forward. 

In the future, we hope that this group will be able to extend its membership base and expand its activities to serve the organization and the community at large.

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